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The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation Gift List

Introducing Davina and Justin, the very first couple to sign up to the Wedding Wishing Well Foundation’s Gift List. The couple got married on Saturday, 5th October 2013 and, to date, have raised £1,155 for TWWWF – an incredible amount that will enable the charity to help even more couples to have the wedding day of their dreams.


Of their family and friends’ fantastic effort, Davina says, “I could not be prouder of my amazing family, friends and work colleagues who have helped us to raise this incredible amount for such a fantastic cause…THANK YOU SO MUCH.”

If you are due to get married soon, and have been searching for unique Gift List ideas, consider following in Davina and Justin’s footsteps. The donations given by your friends and family can help other brides and grooms to experience a wedding day every bit as special, and memorable, as your own.


So how does the Wedding Wishing Well Gift List work? These days, more couples than ever are living together and building their homes prior to marriage – rather than struggling to name items that you need (or risking receiving yet another toaster…), why not ask your friends and family to instead make a donation to the Wedding Wishing Well Foundation on your behalf? Every penny of their donations will go towards helping couples affected by terminal and life-limiting illness to tie the knot.

Naomi Thomas, founder of the charity, says, ‘Whatever the reason, incorporating charitable giving into your wedding lets couples share what’s important to them when time is really of the essence’.


Remember: Your day can make a difference.

Sign up for the Wedding Wishing Well Foundation’s Gift List for your special day, and help couples affected by terminal and life limiting illness to enjoy the wedding they deserve.

Already married? The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation is also grateful for any wedding-related items that you may be able to donate. Please take bridal gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, shoes, jewellery and accessories, and groomsmen’s’ outfits to your nearest Johnson’s Cleaners and become part of the Wedding Outfit Amnesty.