Introducing The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation

The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation is a non-profit making organisation that arranges and funds weddings for couples that are affected by a terminal, or life limiting, illness.

The Foundation was launched in 2012 by the inspirational Naomi Thomas, who has terminal Secondary Breast Cancer herself. Despite her health, Naomi has worked tirelessly to realise her dreams for The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, as well as nurturing it into the award winning charity it is today.

The team has helped many couples to marry since the beginning, and they continue to work hard to help as many couples as they can each and every year.

This blog documents The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation’s successes, fundraising stories, thank yous, news, and more; please join us on our adventure.

4 thoughts on “Introducing The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation”

  1. Hi lovely lady!!
    I just wanted to say I’ve watched the foundation grow from afar and notice often daily how hard you work to keep it all going online so I know behind the scenes must also be chaotic!
    You’re really inspirational!

    Much love and admiration
    Danielle x
    Faithful Designs

  2. Events assistant job role

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am very interested in apply for your wedding events assistant role.

    I would be commuting so would like some more information.
    What would my role include?
    What kind of responsibility would I have?
    What are the hours?
    What is the salary or hourly rate?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely


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