Fundraising News

Could you donate a £1 a month?

What can you buy with a pound these days? A chocolate bar? A magazine? A tin of beans?

£1 doesn’t seem like a great amount but it can do phenomenal things. For example, did you know that with just £1 you could help a couple affected by terminal and life-limiting to experience the wedding of their dreams? It may not sound like much but if just ten people made a regular donation of £1 a month, within just six months we would have enough to buy gorgeous wedding flowers, a delicious cake, or beautiful stationery. If 100 people were able to make the same promise, so many more couples would be able to get married, regardless of their circumstances. It really isn’t much to give, and perhaps you won’t even notice it leaving your account each month; the important thing is, though, we will, and we shall be eternally grateful.

To make a one-off donation, or to set up a regular direct debit, please click here. Please give what you can – it really does make all the difference.

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