Fundraising News

Donate your dress – we still accept them!

Did you know that we’re still accepting wedding dresses, bridesmaid and groomsmen outfits, jewellery, and accessories? Your donations can help to fund, or complete, a very special wedding, as well as making so many other bridal dreams come true.

Simply take your items to your nearest branch of Johnsons the Cleaners, and they shall do the hard work for you – there isn’t even any need to have your items dry cleaned beforehand. You may be holding on to your wedding dress for sentimental reasons, and we really do understand how difficult it can be to give it away. However, your donation means everything to our brides, and to our mission to help as many couples as possible.

Thank you time!

We would like to say a big thanks to Emma and her team from Frothimoon Beauty and Bridal in Cumbria, who have donated 8 brand new, and very beautiful, wedding dresses. If you own, or manage, a bridal shop and would like to do something similar, please do get in touch.

We have also recently taken delivery of a beautiful lace dress, which was donated by the lovely ladies at Curves and Couture.

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