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TWWWF Advent Calendar: Day Sixteen

On Day Sixteen of Advent we’d like to remind you about a particular aspect of our Wedding Amnesty; the bridesmaid dress. We are always quick to identify our need for wedding dresses – both for sale, and to be donated to our brides – but we are also on the lookout for jewellery, shoes, accessories, mother of the bride outfits, suits, and bridesmaids dress. After all, a bride and groom need their entourage!

As Christmas falls upon us once again, we’re sure that many of you will be sourcing that perfect Little Black Dress, sparkly gown, or glittering outfit to wear this party season – and you’ll look fantastic. However, as the New Year dawns, why not consider donating your occasion wear to us? Many brides these days are content with just one bridesmaid, or will choose a variety of outfits to suit their maids’ differing personalities. For that reason, we are always on the look out for beautiful dresses that we may be able to use in our weddings, or sell to brides; consider how beautiful a bridesmaid, or a mother of the bride, will look in your party dress.

You can donate your wedding dress, accessories, and occasion wear to any branch of Johnsons the Cleaners. They will even dry clean each item for you once it has been donated.

Two Birds Image

Beautiful twobirds bridesmaid dresses

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