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TWWWF Advent Calendar: Day Thirteen

The nights are darker and the weather much colder; you may think that all thoughts of weddings are far behind us for now. However winter is an incredibly popular time of year for couples to marry, so you may well find yourself invited to one or two in the coming months.

On Day Thirteen of Advent we’d like to remind you not to forget The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation’s Selfie Campaign. If you are due to be a bride or groom, guest, celebrant, or supplier, we want to you take a picture of yourself in wedding-mode – your picture is worth £2 to a couple in need of a dream wedding, and means the world to us.

When you’ve taken your selfie, make sure you share it with us via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #wedwishselfie. You can then donate your £2 by texting “WISH09 £2” to 70070.


Graham and Naomi take their own selfie


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