Fundraising News

TWWWF Advent Calendar: Day Seven

For day seven of Advent we’d like to celebrate the work that is carried out in our honour, and share some recent donations – as always, we are eternally grateful for every penny that has been raised for us. It really does all count, and will help some wonderful couples to get the wedding day they deserve.

Thank you to…

Jo Robbins of Forever Living, who recently donated £110 to us. Jo works very closely with us as a county co-ordinator, and has been supporting us, and fundraising, for a little while now. We are so grateful for her dedication – thank you, Jo.


A big thank you should also be extended to The Blackdown Hills Wedding Initiative, who recently held their Winter Wedding Warmer and raised £50 for The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation. The event featured a 2014 wedding round-up, live entertainment, networking opportunities, and a raffle – the proceeds of which were donated to us. Thank you to everyone involved, we hope everyone enjoyed themselves!


As always, we look forward to hearing about your events and fundraising efforts – everything that you do is so gratefully received.


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