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No Ordinary Wedding Planner; A reminder

No Ordinary Wedding Planner is continuing to touch hearts across the country, receiving 5* reviews from all who pick it up. The perfect holiday read, No Ordinary Wedding Planner is available for download on Kindle, and other e-readers, and can be enjoyed in an evening – we dare you to put it down.

Here are just some of the amazing reviews written about Naomi’s book:

“A gripping emotional true life story which I read in one day. Would love to read a full version rather than a short book one but none the less it was honest and true, it’s clear Naomi is a wonderful person who you feel like you know by the end of the book and I would fully recommend it.”


“I was already inspired by this amazing lady, following her on Facebook. Reading her book i am in total awe of her dedication to the Wedding wishing well foundation, and the couples who contact her. Totally overwhelming, and so inspirational, my wedding dress is now boxed and ready to post x”


“Started and finished reading this in one sitting… couldn’t put it down. Naomi Thomas’ story is inspirational, moving, and incredibly humbling. Her ‘matter of fact’ way of accepting and writing about her illness is a heartfelt testimony to why we should never take anything for granted, make everyday count and certainly puts life into perspective. I don’t know why a documentary has not yet been made about this brave and courageous young Mum… people need to know about this amazing young mum and the work she is doing to help others in the same situation.”


No Ordinary Wedding Planner will be released in a paperback format on 25th September 2014. You can purchase your copy directly from Amazon – We hope you enjoy reading Naomi’s story as much as she has enjoyed telling it!

Signed by the lady herself…

If you would like a signed copy of ‘No Ordinary Wedding Planner’ when it is released in paperback, please keep an eye on The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation’s official website; a dedicated link will soon become available so that you can purchase the book directly from the foundation and ensure that your copy has been personally signed. The book will cost £4.99, plus postage and packing.

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