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A very special donation

We would like to take a moment to introduce you to a very special bride.

Kimberly Smart is 26 years old, and was born and raised in the USA. She recently married her soul mate, Jeff, and has very generously decided to donate her stunning gown to The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation. We were floored by her kindness, particularly as her dress will have to travel so far before it can change another bride’s life; thank you, Kimberly! We understand how difficult it can be to part with something such as a wedding dress, but your donation really will make all the difference to one of the Foundation’s special couples.

We’ll let Kimberly tell you a little bit about herself, the groom, Jeff, their wedding, and THAT dress;

LOVE AND JEFF: I met Jeff when I was 17 years old. We both agree now that it was not love at first sight! Sure, we were attracted to one another and enjoyed each other’s company; we talked, laughed, shared similar interests, and clicked immediately. However I believe that true love grows very slowly. Love is not lust; it doesn’t happen right away and it is far from perfect. Love is not just physical attraction, or an ‘idea’ of what love is. It is something that grows over a lifetime; a mutual respect and admiration for the other person after you’ve been through it all. Love is what happens when you put another’s happiness before your own – and mean it. I found this in Jeff, and continue to find it in him every day, even after 8 years of being together – and now being married. Jeff is my best friend and I have no doubt in my mind that he is my soul mate. He is the most caring, good-hearted, and hilarious person I know, and I know that he loves me just the same.


OUR ENGAGEMENT: Jeff and I got engaged after 6 1/2 years of being together. The one thing that we promised each other was to not change who we are or how our relationship is, and we vowed the same as we got married. We promised that we would make marriage our own, never putting expectations ahead of ourselves, or comparing ours to anyone else’s relationship. After all it is OUR marriage and, above all, OUR love.


OUR WEDDING: Our wedding was more than we could ever have dreamed of. We had 179 guests and got married at a private country club in Nashua, New Hampshire, with the best DJ, photographer, food, and cake in the world!! It was my dream wedding. What made it even better? The love in that room was like no other; all of the guests at our wedding said that they could feel the love that Jeff and I share, as well as the love our family and friends have for us.  I will never forget the all-encompassing feeling of LOVE in that room. It leaves a lasting warmness on your heart. We have my parents to thank for giving us this perfect day.


MY DRESS: My dress was part of my body. It hugged me in every way, and I felt like a BRIDE! With my veil, shoes, and bouquet, it was everything I could have ever hoped for as a little girl growing up. I felt incredible, gorgeous, and comfortable! I did not have to keep pulling it up or adjusting it all night; I could dance and enjoy my wedding without worrying about it. In fact, I did not take it off until 4:30am!

My hope and wish is that every single person finds their soul mate. We were so lucky to be healthy, and to be able to have had this incredible wedding; I want nothing more than for another bride to feel what I felt in this dress. Another woman might not have the same circumstances as me when she marries, but every woman deserves her perfect day. I truly hope that this dress plays a part in giving her all of this.

To the special bride who receives this dress, or is able to have the wedding of her dreams because of my donation – ENJOY EVERY SECOND. The best advice I received from other brides was to make sure I pulled my new husband aside for one minute periodically throughout the night, in order to look around and soak in our wedding.  Don’t let your wedding go by too fast (it always does); You deserve all of the happiness in the world!

Sending love and best wishes from the USA,



Donate your dress

If you are married and still have your wedding dress taking up space in your wardrobe or loft, please consider donating it to The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, just as Kimberly has done. While we appreciate that it can be hard to part with something as valuable – both sentimentally and financially – as a wedding dress, you really can make all the difference to a couple affected by terminal illness. Working alongside Johnsons the Cleaners we have collected hundreds of bridal gowns, not to mention pairs of shoes, bridesmaids’ dresses, accessories, and suits; all with the aim of raising funds so that a couple’s dream wedding day becomes their reality. Items are either used directly by our couples, or are sold on to fund our weddings; there are no limits to the ways in which you can help us.

To donate your dress, shoes, accessories, bridesmaid or mother of the bride outfits, or suits, please pop into your local branch of Johnsons the Cleaners; they will even dry clean your items before passing them on to us.

Those who live locally can organise to have their dress collected. Please email to find out more.

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Happy Anniversary, Mr and Mrs Thomas


Naomi and Graham, 6th June 2012

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Naomi and her husband, Graham, a very happy second wedding anniversary. You both deserve so much love and happiness; your relationship is a true inspiration, and you have a connection that is to be admired and envied, despite everything that life has thrown at you. Yours is a true love that will last forever. x


Naomi and Graham celebrated their wedding anniversary by renewing their wedding vows, as they have done every year since their very special day.

Naomi says, “We have absolutely no idea how long I have left, and so it is important for us to celebrate every year that passes. Renewing our vows feels like we are getting married all over again, and reminds us just important our wedding day was to us. We always write our own vows, reminding each other of everything that we’re grateful for. Despite it all, I feel so, so lucky to be here, and to have an amazing husband and son.”




Naomi and Graham’s vow renewal was hosted at the gorgeous Deer Park Country House Hotel in Honiton, Devon, which also laid on a toast and canapés for the occasion.


The couple’s son, Devon, proudly walked his Mum down the aisle.


Naomi’s dress and veil were provided by The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation’s Wedding Outfit Amnesty Collection, details of which can be found here. Her hair and make-up was done by Tracy Pallari Hair and Make-up; doesn’t she look absolutely stunning?!


Naomi’s beautiful bouquet was supplied by Pumpkin and Pye of Exeter.


Following their vow renewal, Graham and Naomi made their way to The Harbour Hotel in Salcombe for a romantic mini-moon – a perfect end to their beautiful day, complete with some very special little extras!

Naomi and Graham would like to thank everybody that made their anniversary so special and memorable. There are no words to express their gratitude.


A gallery of stunning pictures taken by the talented Tara Statton Photography can be found here; prepare to be blown away. A video of the occasion, shot by Daisy Daisy Films, can be found here.

No Ordinary Wedding Planner

As a bonus anniversary gift, Naomi’s new book, No Ordinary Wedding Planner, was scheduled for release on the couple’s anniversary. The book tells the story of the couple’s love and strength through adversity, so it seems only right that it should be there to help them make the years count. You can share Naomi and Graham’s story by purchasing the e-book here.

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No Ordinary Wedding Planner; A phenomenal response



It is just under a week since our very own Naomi Thomas added ‘published author’ to her repertoire, and already No Ordinary Wedding Planner is inspiring readers from across the country – and further afield.


Released a little under a week ago, No Ordinary Wedding Planner is already receiving some fantastic reviews from those who have read the book and been inspired by Naomi’s story. All of the feedback left on Amazon can be found here and here – just look at those five star reviews! We have gathered a small selection of the reviews for you below; they are a true testament to Naomi’s inspirational attitude, tireless hard work, and strength of character, not to mention her humour and way with words!



Very uplifting and inspirationalMakes you realise that things are sometimes not as black as they are painted and things happen for a reason. I was diagnosed with the BRCA gene at 42 and had my breasts removed, I was devastated and since then most have my family have also got the gene including 2 of my children. But now I realise that we are the lucky ones and have been given a second chance. Good luck with your charity and hope you have many more years with your lovely family making memories x

I couldn’t put it downWell, I read this book in one evening, a truly captivating, emotional read. Naomi is inspirational and although I was diagnosed with a different type of cancer, the book has made me look far more positively at life and be thankful everyday. Thank you Naomi for sharing your story.”

An inspiring bookAn amazing, inspiring book. Naomi has a massive heart and despite her illness, she still works hard to make other peoples dreams come true. Thank-you for helping my dreams come true. The sad circumstances don’t change the fact that I’m now married to the man I love and you helped with that.”

Restores your faith in humanity, love and selflessness!Wow, what can I say?! This story made me smile, made me cry, gave me goosebumps and inspired me! What a truly remarkable woman you are Naomi and sounds like Graham is one in a million too. If you want to be inspired and have some faith restored in love, humanity and selflessness, then this is a must read!!!!”

Naomi captures the heart of a nation

Never one to sit back and relax, Naomi has been subject to a barrage of local and national press in the week since No Ordinary Wedding Planner was released. It has been fantastic to have the support of the media, both locally and across the UK; you can catch up with the articles dedicated to Naomi here: Daily Mail, and Female First, while our inspirational founder has also been busy on screen and air: ITV West Country, Taunton’s Tone FM, BBC Radio Somerset.

Keep your eyes peeled on The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation’s Facebook Page; more appearances and articles will be announced in due course.

Support No Ordinary Wedding Planner

If you have yet to buy a copy of Naomi’s book, please do so here. If you have purchased, and read, No Ordinary Wedding Planner then please be sure to leave a review; there is a real possibility of a longer version being published in book format if the e-book receives enough positive feedback. Please help Naomi’s dream to be realised.

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Get down to Sainsbury’s and support The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation

You may well have seen the campaigns currently running in branches of Waitrose and Asda, enabling communities to support and fundraise for charities in their locality. We were excited to discover that Sainsbury’s will now be offering this service to its customers; why not select The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation as your branch’s nominated charity?

Please contact your local branch of Sainsbury’s to find out how you can submit The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation as your charity choice.  

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‘No Ordinary Wedding Planner’ is here

It’s finally here; Friday 6th June 2014 marks the official launch of ‘No Ordinary Wedding Planner’, the debut book by Naomi Thomas.

‘Everyone has the right to marry the love of their life, but you don’t realise just how important it is until you are told you are dying.’

A Harper Collins True Life Short Read, ideal to enjoy over an evening or two, ‘No Ordinary Wedding Planner’ details Naomi’s life from the turn of 2009, a year in which she met the love of her life, only to receive the devastating news that she had breast cancer. While she makes no secret of her battles with secondary breast cancer in every day life, this book has been Naomi’s opportunity to speak frankly of her hopes and fears for the future, as well as her chance to provide some fascinating insights into the charity that she founded in 2012; The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation.

If you pre-ordered your copy of ‘No Ordinary Wedding Planner’, then it will have been delivered to your Kindle, e-reader, or electronic device already; in fact, the chances are that you are settling down with a huge cup of tea to enjoy the book as we speak. If you have yet to purchase your copy please don’t worry – it is still available to buy from Amazon, either for download straight on to your Kindle, to be delivered directly to your phone or tablet via the iBook app, or onto your computer or e-reader.

Harper Collins, publisher of ‘No Ordinary Wedding Planner’, has released this official blurb:

“This is the inspiring story of Naomi Thomas, a secondary breast cancer sufferer who has decided to devote the remainder of her life to spreading joy, helping others to find happiness by fulfilling the wedding dreams of those who are terminally ill.

Naomi was 26 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her boyfriend Graham had proposed just two days earlier. After seven months of treatment Naomi was declared cancer free, only to receive the devastating news a few short months later that the disease had returned and was no longer curable. Her son, Devon, was just six days old. Thoughts of their wedding were the one thing that kept Naomi and Graham going, but the financial burden of terminal illness had made the reality of their special day seem impossible. However, in this time of darkness, the couple discovered the amazing generosity and selflessness of local companies as they rallied around and helped to organise and fund a dream wedding. Their kindness was overwhelming.

Determined not to die in vain, Naomi began fund-raising, ultimately setting up her own charity with the mission of spreading the joy she had experienced on her big day. The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation was formed, and Naomi now organises and funds weddings for those affected by terminal and life-limiting illnesses, helping them to enjoy married life before it’s too late.

Inspiring, heart warming and incredibly moving, this story will show you the true meaning of love.

‘Everyone has the right to marry the love of their life, but you don’t realise just how important it is until you are told you are dying.’”

To read Naomi’s moving story, please purchase your copy of ‘No Ordinary Wedding Planner’ from the Amazon Store today. This beautiful story costs just 99p, and will be delivered directly to your Kindle, e-reader, smart phone, or computer.

You can find out more about The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation via their website and Facebook page, or by contacting the team directly on

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We need your news!

We love keeping up to date with our supporters, and are excited to announce that we will shortly be launching our brand new newsletter, a regular update of the foundation’s successes and stories.

While the newsletter will be filled with our latest news, fundraising events, wedding stories, and more, we need your help! Have you recently held an event in our honour? Have you been busy raising money for us? Are you organising a future fundraiser and looking for support? Do you have any Wedding Wishing Well Foundation stories that you’d like to share? Whatever your story, we want to hear it; be a part of The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation’s newsletter.

All submissions should be made to Claire on:

Please be quick, though; our first issue will be published shortly!


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Supporting The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation; My Summer Wish

The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation is thrilled to be supported by fabulous shopping event, My Summer Wish, which will be taking place on 28th June in Chelsea, London.

Lifestyle blogger Daniela Bonetto was inspired to organise My Summer Wish following her own wedding, and her wish to donate her dress to help those in need. A quick internet search put her in touch with Naomi and the rest, as they say, is history.


My Summer Wish is a chic and charitable Pop- Up shopping event featuring fabulous luxury brands in the heart of Chelsea.

This new charitable initiative, founded by London based events agency, Little Red Napkin, and lifestyle blogger Daniela from The Ink Edition, in collaboration with The Wishing Well Foundation is organising a morning of shopping and get-together for like-minded ladies & gents wanting to prepare themselves for the summer months.

Housed at Beaufort House on the trendy Kings Road, it will see luxury suppliers creating a fabulous marketplace where true bargains are to be had. Each supplier will showcase and sell their merchandise at cost price in order to donate the profits to the charity.”

You can find out more about My Summer Wish here, including a list of confirmed and proposed suppliers. All funds raised will be donated to The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation.

We can’t wait to see you there.