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Naomi and the Independent on Sunday’s Happy List

At the end of May we were thrilled to announce that our very own Naomi had made the Independent on Sunday’s Happy List – a collection of those who inspire, amaze, and spread a little happiness each and every single day. While it was no surprise to us that Naomi had made the list, it is fantastic to have such a prestigious publication recognise the work that she does – and we couldn’t be prouder!
The 26th June 2014 saw an event hosted in honour of each and every person named on the Happy List, and Naomi travelled to London with husband Graham to enjoy an evening of networking, bubbly and canapés. Held at Grange St. Paul’s Hotel the evening started dramatically, as the couple’s car broke down en route!
“The evening didn’t start as planned – to say the least!” Naomi explains. “We ended up abandoning the car and hot footing it the rest of the way by train. To say we were frazzled is an understatement! I must have looked a right sight travelling on the Tube in my cocktail dress and trainers. Although a little late, we finally made it, though, and had a lovely evening in the end.”
Several hours of networking ensued, as Naomi met some of the other inspirational people on the list.
“I met the editor of The Independent, and also a lovely gentleman who unfortunately had no arms, or legs – he was so full of life, though. Meeting the other people on the Happy List was a humbling experience, everyone was so deserving of being in that room – I felt blessed to be counted amongst them.”
If you’d like to be inspired, a link to the original article can be found here. Prepare to be amazed.

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