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Calling all divas and homebodies; Come on an adventure for The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation

Are you a little too fond of your home comforts? Would you like to escape into the wilderness and learn some new skills? Do you fancy raising lots of money for The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation while leaving the confines of your comfort zone? Then we may just have the perfect challenge for you…

At The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation HQ we are constantly looking for new and exciting ways for our supporters to raise money. Introducing ’24 Hours in the Wild’, one of Adventure 360 UK’s most popular adventure courses. Teaching basic survival skills including shelter building and fire starting, as well as axe and knife work, foraging, stalking animals and trapping, and night navigation, the course is designed to test participants to their limits for 24 hours – there are no home comforts under the stars, so be sure to build a waterproof shelter!

 ’24 Hours in the Wild’ will be held right in the heart of Dartmoor; participants will be able to escape from it all while learning some key survival skills and raising much-needed funds for The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation. Adventure 360 UK lays on a fantastic camp, which features a continuous fire and plenty of seating. All food will be provided by the course leaders – even nibbles – so don’t worry if your stalking isn’t quite up to scratch…

It costs just £125 per person to be enrolled on one of Adventure 360 UK’s ’24 Hours in the Wild’ courses, although this will be refunded should a minimum sponsorship amount of £500 be raised. Participants must raise a minimum of £100 in order to be eligible for the course.

For more information please email, or visit Adventure 360 UK’s website. The courses will be taking place between 28th-29th June and 19th-20th July. There are just 12 spaces available on the ’24 Hours in the Wild’ course, so be sure to book on quickly.

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