Fundraising News

The Independent on Sunday’s Happy List

We are delighted to announce that our very own Naomi Thomas was recently revealed to be one of those nominated for the Independent on Sunday’s Happy List, a collection of very special individuals that are dedicated to giving a little something back.

According to the Independent on Sunday, the Happy List (NOT the Rich List) was, “Founded as an antidote to all those rich lists and celebrity lists, [celebrating] a different set of values, embracing those who start charities, help troubled youngsters, give huge amounts of time to volunteering and raising money, foster children, care for wildlife, and much more.”

Featuring young and old alike, the list is a compelling and inspirational testament to those who are committed to helping others. We couldn’t be any prouder of Naomi if we tried, and it’s wonderful to have all of her hard work and determination recognised on this scale.

For a complete guide to the Independent on Sunday’s Happy List 2014, please click here – prepare to be inspired.

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