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No Ordinary Wedding Planner; Two sleeps to go!


If you’ve not yet pre-ordered your copy of Naomi’s new book, ‘No Ordinary Wedding Planner’, then there is still time to do so before the launch this Friday.

Costing just 99p, this short e-book – perfect for an evening or two’s reading – details Naomi’s life from the turn of 2009, a year in which she met the love of her life, only to receive the devastating news that she had breast cancer. While she makes no secret of her battles with secondary breast cancer in every day life, this book has been Naomi’s opportunity to speak frankly of her hopes and fears for the future, as well as her chance to provide some fascinating insights into the charity that she founded in 2012; The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation.

Pre-order a copy of No Ordinary Wedding Planner today, and it will be delivered directly to your Kindle or e-book reader on Friday. No Kindle? No problem – simply download the Kindle or iBooks app onto your phone or tablet, or download the book directly to your laptop.

Official blurb:

This is the inspiring story of Naomi Thomas, a secondary breast cancer sufferer who has decided to devote the remainder of her life to spreading joy, helping others to find happiness by fulfilling the wedding dreams of those who are terminally ill.

Naomi was 26 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her boyfriend Graham had proposed just two days earlier. After seven months of treatment Naomi was declared cancer free, only to receive the devastating news a few short months later that the disease had returned and was no longer curable. Her son, Devon, was just six days old. Thoughts of their wedding were the one thing that kept Naomi and Graham going, but the financial burden of terminal illness had made the reality of their special day seem impossible. However, in this time of darkness, the couple discovered the amazing generosity and selflessness of local companies as they rallied around and helped to organise and fund a dream wedding. Their kindness was overwhelming.

Determined not to die in vain, Naomi began fund-raising, ultimately setting up her own charity with the mission of spreading the joy she had experienced on her big day. The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation was formed, and Naomi now organises and funds weddings for those affected by terminal and life-limiting illnesses, helping them to enjoy married life before it’s too late.

Inspiring, heart warming and incredibly moving, this story will show you the true meaning of love.

‘Everyone has the right to marry the love of their life, but you don’t realise just how important it is until you are told you are dying.’

To pre-order your copy of this wonderful book, please visit Amazon’s shop now.

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