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Naomi’s cycle challenge; an update

We thought you may like a little update from the Alcoa in Motion Family Bike Ride, which took place on Sunday 25th May. Starting at the Alcoa Howmet building in Kestrel Way, Naomi and her fellow riders took on a series of cycle paths towards Exmouth Seafront, where a picnic and games were laid on.


Naomi says, “I hadn’t ridden a bike for so long, which itself provided a massive challenge! I also had to take into account the physical toll that this challenge would have. Up until now I have predominately challenged myself mentally – this was whole experience! My cancer is located in my spine and pelvis, which puts a massive strain on my back, so I knew that the ride wasn’t going to be easy at all. Our route of 11 miles turned out to be nearer 14.5 miles, plus I was pulling Devon in a trailer behind me. The day ended up being a much bigger challenge than first expected, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of those who rode alongside me. I am so proud of what we achieved.”

And so you should be, Naomi! Naomi raised a fantastic £593 in sponsorship money, and was presented with a grant for $2,500 by Alcoa in Motion – a massive boost to The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation.

A gallery of photos can be found here. Of course, it’s still not too late to show your support for Naomi and her cycling companions. If you can spare any money, no matter how small or large the donation, please click here.

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