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Follow in Naomi’s Footsteps – On your bike!

Our founder, Naomi, has never been one to sit back and let everyone else have all the fun. In fact, she’s so keen to get in on the action that she has taken it upon herself to complete an 11-mile cycle challenge on 26th May. Well, we’d rather her than us!!

On a serious note, this is a massive challenge for Naomi. As you’ll be aware, she has incurable secondary Breast Cancer, which is now present in her pelvis and spine. This causes immense strain on her back, and will make riding a bike incredibly painful, let alone for 11 whole miles. If you factor in that Naomi last took to the saddle 15 years ago, you will get some idea of what an immense challenge this will be for her. You can help to give her the push that she needs to keep going by donating, no matter how small the amount.

Please see here for more information and to make a donation. Naomi has managed to raise over £100 so far, all thanks to your generous donations. That amount would cover a cake and car hire for one of our couples, so every penny really does make a difference.

There are also spaces available for this year’s London to Paris cycling event – not one for the faint hearted! There are two further trips running this year; the first is 13th-17th August, while the second is 3rd-7th September – If you think you’ve got what it takes, please do email Naomi on

To view more of our upcoming cycling events, please click here.


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