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White Gallery 2013 – Madeline Isaac James

On 20th May we were honoured to have been invited to the prestigious White Gallery in London. White Gallery is an annual bridal show for bridal wear buyers so not our area I hear you say?

Well we were actually there to see the launch of the amazing 2014 collection of Madeline Isaac James. The designer of the collection Natalie Gladman has very kindly designed a dress and named it “Naomi” after our very own Naomi! £100 for every Naomi dress sold will be donated to The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation.

Naomi says ” I cannot tell Natalie how chuffed I am that she chose to name a dress after me. I feel totally honoured and delighted to have such a talented designer associated with The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation. The dress is stunning, simple, elegant and flattering for ladies with hips & just the style I would choose if I was to design something.”

The dress will be stocked in many bridal shops around the UK.

For more information take a look at their website

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